VITO Oil Filter System

Denny's saves with the VITO oil filter system
40% on frying oil costs.

VITO removes all micro particles and suspended sediments from your oil. The particles don't burn any longer in the oil so you can use your frying oil significantly longer. The handling for the Denny's Team is very easy, fast and safe. Every restaurant improves profitability and maintains quality standards.
  • With VITO you save 40% of your frying oil costs
  • USD 300 savings per month = USD 3.600 per year
  • VITO pays off within 10-12 months
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QK Holdings, LLC
Vice President of Administration, Mr. Forrest King:

The system is easy to use so the cooks used it more often. We saw extended oil life during and after the test. Any issues, VITO took care of right away, with great customer service. We were able to reach an ROI along with better quality and overall safety.

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Denny's 33907 Fort Myers
Franchisee, Mr. Marc York:

...We are satsfied with our VITOs. I use the systems in several locatons and I have to say they are very recommendable...

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Denny's 61938 Matoon
Franchisee, Mr. David Behrends:

...With VITO we save in average 4 jugs of oil per week in both our locatons and my staff loves it because it's so easy to use...

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FEAST American Diners, LLC, 92562 Murrieta
Operator, Alfredo Rodriguez:

...All our locatons use the VITO system. We wanted to have an easy, fast and safe way to filter our oil. VITO delivers that and on top increased food qualit and oil savings...

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Calden Food Services Inc, 96703 Anahola
Owner, Holly Agassi:

...The easiness and safety is perfect. No other way to filter as fast and efficient like with the VITO system...

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Denny's, 33990 Cape Coral
Store Manager, Angel:

...We are satsfied with our VITO 80. We would recommend VITO to other restaurants as well...

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Grupo Marta Hospitality, 2000 San José
Director, Loly Castro:

...VITO works great for us. We have the savings, quality increase and many more benefits...

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